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Bentonite Direct is a supplier of the highest quality industrial and food grade Bentonite (also known as Montmorillinite). We supply Bentonite for industrial, manufacturing, construction and drilling applications.

We offer wholesale prices on granular Bentonite for agricultural uses, as well as high viscosity, high yield Bentonite for use as drilling fluid, and a premium non-treated Bentonite. See a complete Bentonite product list here.

Our product is produced in Wyoming, where 70% of the world’s supply of quality Bentonite is mined. We buy it directly from the mining companies, and ship it to you from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado, or from our warehouses in Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wyoming. See the complete list of our Bentonite distribution centers here.

Custom quantities for big or small needs

Whether you need a pallet of Bentonite to seal a small pond, or a truckload for use in drilling mud, we can supply a quality product at discount prices. We also can provide logistical experience to get it to you quickly and cost-effectively—across the US. We offer flatbed trucking throughout the US from our freight operations in Colorado.

Sodium Bentonite for all its 1000 uses

We are close to the source—and can provide custom quantities of Bentonite for use by individuals or companies large and small. We serve Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Environmental Protection, and many other industries that use Bentonite. Our wholesale prices are good. Our service is the best.

 Product Name Product Data MSDS
 Bentonite Premium Gel download pdf download pdf
 Bentonite Super-Gel X download pdf download pdf
 Bentonite Custom Granular download pdf download pdf
 Cetco Puregold® Non-Treated Bentonite download pdf download pdf

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